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06 April 2024 to 25 April 2024
Informal Exhibition with Simple Judging Standards | Level I Open Exhibition
The Deadline for Applications for Participation Passed on 31 March 2024
About the Exhibition Introduction


Philatelic greetings from Brazil to the whole World!

Following the huge successes of the previous three “FILANANIAS” editions of virtual philatelic exhibitions that were conducted by FILABRAS, for 2024 we have evolved the program and the name, to properly reflect the FILABRAS name and our objectives/aspirations, as well as the requirements of our membership.

The main objective of EXPOFILABRAS 2024 is to promote Philately via the Internet and to encourage/train new philatelists, the exhibition being a fraternization between philatelists and the general public, with a didactic and cultural nature.

Our unique feature: we are the only philatelic exhibition that chooses the best exhibits by public/popular voting on the internet.

For all competitive Classes, there is also a Technical Jury, composed of a team of highly experienced and highly accomplished people who are recognized experts in their fields. Regardless of the Class you choose, competitive or non-competitive, all exhibits will be open to public/popular voting.

The exhibition is being presented by theVirtuafil Platform, developed by our Vice-President and Director of IT, Niall Murphy. For EXPOFILABRAS 2024 the platform has been substantially enhanced with a lot of new features, aimed at maximizing participation by philatelists all over the world:

  • NEW – Multiple file selection for uploading exhibit image files in batches;
  • NEW – Spanish language user interface;
  • NEW – Image-based exhibition gallery.

The new Spanish language user interface is aimed at encouraging maximum participation by philatelists all over Latin America and we are very grateful to Luis Cernaqué Vera in Peru for his help with this feature.

EXPOFILABRAS 2024 is open to all philatelists regardless of their age, experience or knowledge level. We have divided the exhibition into classes, categories and levels to suit all participants.


EXPOFILABRAS 2024 has 5 Classes for the presentation of the works:

Competitive Classes: competing for Jury awards:

1 - General Collections:

The General Collections Class is subdivided into 3 groups:

- Beginner Philatelist Group
- Intermediary Philatelist Group
- Advanced Philatelist Group

In this Class, all general collections are accepted. These include, but are not limited to: traditional Philately, thematic Philately, postal stationery, fiscal stamps, postal history, Aerophilately, Astrophilately, Open Philately, Maximaphily, postcards, FDCs etc..

2 - Websites and Social Media

This class includes: philatelic websites, blogs, social media and non-commercial online catalogues.

Non-Competitive Classes: not competing for Jury awards:

3 - Non-Competitive Collections;

4 - Philatelic Literature;

5 - Official Websites*

*The Class “Official Websites” is reserved for the sites of national postal operators, postal authorities and their official agents, postal museums, postage stamp printers, postage stamp designers and engravers. Participation in this Class is by invitation of the Organizing Committee only.

There are no limits on the numbers of exhibits for any participant.


  • OPEN virtual exhibition
  • ZERO costs
  • PUBLIC/POPULAR voting and/or Technical Jury evaluations
  • NO membership requirements
  • NO qualifying points needed
  • BEGINNERS welcome – any age, any skill level
  • ALL kinds of philatelic material
  • MINIMAL rules
  • NO national commissioners
  • NO national restrictions
  • ONLINE applications/registration
  • ONLINE personal exhibit management

EXPO FILABRAS 2024EXPO FILABRAS 2024For EXPOFILABRAS 2024 some special philatelic material will be made. Our Vice-President and Director of Information Technology, Niall Murphy, has designed these exclusive pieces for the exhibition:

The personalized postage stamp will be realized at the Correios of Brazil in the city of Santos, São Paulo. It will be made available, either in individual stamps, blocks or complete sheets, to those who want it.

The special exhibition envelope will be printed in a very limited quantity. 10 copies will be presented as special awards, at the discretion of the Jury, to participants at the exhibition. The envelope will be 162mm X 114mm and will bear the personalized postage stamp as well as a private pictorial postmark. The envelope was kindly donated by Virtuafil.

We look forward to seeing you all at EXPOFILABRAS 2024. Let’s keep Philately alive!

Best regards,

Paulo Ananias Silva – President of FILABRAS